Industry Prop Rentals

Interested in renting Honey Lain Studios' Props?!  Send us an email introducing yourself + your project to
How long is a rental?
The standard rental period is one week (7 days). The rental starts when you receive your order.
How much does it cost to rent props?
All of our rental items are priced per piece + item cost is listed on our website.
How do I know if an item is available?
If an item is visible on the Industry Private Collection page, it means it is available.  Items listed as SOLD OUT are unavailable.
How do I pay?
You will checkout on the website like you’re placing a regular e-comm order.  During this process you will also choose your shipping method + time.  All orders must be paid for before it ships from our location.
What if I want to extend my rental?
It is not a problem to extended your rental past the initial 7 days. The extended rental fee is 10% of the total cost of the order per extra day.
Example: If the first week rental costs $250, the extended rental fee would be $25 per day.
What if I need to cancel my order?
It is not a problem to cancel your order before it has shipped. If you cancel your order after it is packed we will refund the cost of the order to you, minus 10% restock fee.
We will not refund orders that have shipped.
Late Returns:
Failure to return the order by 9pm on the return date will result in additional rental fee(s).  Late returns will incur a fee equal to 10% of the total cost of the order per extra day.
Example: If the first week rental costs $250, the late return fee would be $25 per day.
Lost or Damaged Items:
What if I break something?
If you break something during your rental period please tell us as soon as possible. Email us a photo of the broken item + always return the item back to us (yes, even though it is broken!).  We will assess, notify you wha the replacement/repair cost is and send you an invoice as soon as possible.  Replacement fee starts at the retail price/piece. All retails prices are listed in the description of each item for visibility.
Lost?  Yes, this happens, too.  You left it on location somewhere you’ll never return!
Let us know immediately, a lost invoice will follow.  Lost item invoices are steep. Why? The reason is because we have clients that rely on our inventory, when something is lost and cannot be replace or repaired it affects our clients’ relationship to our inventory.
Acceptance on As Is Basis:
The Renter agrees to accept the rental items on an “as is” basis with the understanding that many of the items are used and may have imperfections, but that these imperfections will not affect the production value of the items. The renter agrees to return all rental items in the condition in which they were received.
Renter is responsible for all shipping/transportation costs.  The renter is responsible for providing safe transportation of rental items during transportation + delivery.



These terms are non-negotiable.